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Friday, February 14, 2014

Look! I made chocolates, everyone!

dear diary, Kagura-neechan helped me make chocolates today. I didn't want to ask Tohru-neechan, because she said that she was with her friend making chocolates too. So I asked Kagura-neechan instead. When she asked me why I wanted to make chocolates, I said that I would give them to Hiro-kun because he's the only boy I want to give chocolates. I couldn't think of anyone else at school. I hope he likes my chocolate. Kagura-neechan said they taste fine. But I want to hear from Hiro-kun himself. I wonder why every girl makes chocolates. Isn't there anything else to do besides give chocolates? I asked Kagura-neechan about it and she said that it's because chocolates are the most popular. She also said that she can't bake cake well. At first, I was thinking that I would bake cake instead, but I can't do it by myself. It can't be helped. Chocolate it is. I don't know what Hiro-kun prefers. I think it's safe for a chocolate cake, right? Does Hiro-kun like cake? Erm. The chocolates are done. I just finished. I guess we'll go with the chocolates.

fell silent at 8:07 PM

Thursday, February 14, 2013

is it magic?

dear diary, We made chocolates in school today. The teacher was really nice and she thought that it was a cute idea. The boys of the classroom were called for a PE class instead. I think both teachers wanted to work together this Valentine's day. I made my chocolate for Hiro-kun. He was all red and even his ears were red when I gave him my school-made chocolates. "They're good." He says while looking down. "I'm not really good making chocolates so they might--" "I told you they're good!" he insists. "A- arigato." "You're welcome." "I'm sure you gave the others chocolates as well. So what did they think about your chocolates? If they said they're terrible, I'm going to beat them up." "Why? I only made chocolates for you." And I thought Hiro-kun's cheeks and ears wouldn't get any redder. They really did. I wonder how he does that.

fell silent at 7:23 PM

Thursday, January 17, 2013

snowy in January

dear diary, It's cold outside. Hiro-kun and I made a snowman. It's as big as me and I think we did a pretty good job. It was funny when we were building the snowman, because Hiro-kun was blushing hard and his teeth were shaking. It was that cold. The snow was sticky too, and it made it easier for us to finish the snowman. Hiro-kun told me that he's happy. I asked him why. He told me that it's because of Akito-sama not talking. He said that Akito-sama doesn't get angry anymore. "Is that so?" I wonder why Akito-sama is not talking. "Kisa-chan, you didn't know that Akito-sama stopped talking since last year. It's been already more than a year and--" And then suddenly Hiro-kun started to talking about different things. Like he didn't want to talk about Akito-sama anymore. He started talking about Poporo, the anime. I'm going to watch it over at Hiro-kun's house tomorrow. I'm going to ask if I can stay over too.

fell silent at 4:45 PM

Monday, April 04, 2011

all better now!

dear diary,

Tohru-oneesan is fine now. We were coloring on the kotatsu. And I slept on her lap. I didn't want to go home yet. I wanted to sleep over for today, but Mommy said that I'll bother Tohru-neesan if I don't come home. I didn't want that. So I came home. Mommy said that the most important thing for Tohru-neesan now is to get more rest. That's how we can get better from a cold or a flu. Sleeping over is fun. I can't wait to sleep over at Shigure-jiisan's house again.

fell silent at 7:21 PM

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I like this day

dear diary,

Hiro-kun and I were playing by the swing this afternoon. It was no longer cold. I've been wanting to play on the swing for a long time because of winter. Mama said it's okay to play in the playground now because Spring is here.

It was very beautiful and warm outside. I was surprised. I didn't know it could get warm really fast. Yesterday was chilly. But today was really different. I can't wait for tomorrow. I wish tomorrow would be warm and beautiful too. I've had tons of fun today; especially when it was only me and Hiro-kun in the playground. It's fun to be with Hiro-kun.

fell silent at 8:57 PM

Kisa is the Tiger of the zodiac. She is very shy and withdrawn, largely because her classmates harass and ostracize her due to her naturally orange hair, a side effect of her curse of the tiger.

Tohru helps her to come out of her shell. In effect, Kisa develops quite an attachment to Tohru, calling her "oneechan".

She dislikes dry foods and loves an anime series called "Mogeta". Usually seen around Hiro or Momiji. Hiro has a crush on her.

Kisa has a very good relationship with her mother, who is very supportive of her daughter's situation. Her mother is extremely protective of her and worries about her often.

Kisa is a really nice girl. Despite the fact that she's always getting picked on at her school, she never would never hurt anyone. She becomes depressed and eventually stopped talking to anyone. She was bitter at Tohru. When Tohru understood her situation, Kisa surrendered to Tohru and follows Tohru around like a little duckling. She started to talk again because of Tohru.

Yuki feels close to Kisa, because, like her, Yuki went through a period in which he wouldn't speak.

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